What does "Skip The Queue" mean?

Selecting this option will move your order to the front of the design queue. Your kit will be designed, printed, packed and shipped within 3 days. Perfect if you need it faster!

How do i upload my images? 

When you're on the order page - should see a big button labelled "Upload". Tap here, choose your photo then add this to your cart! 

What sizes do you sell? 

We currently sell one size, 40x50cm. This is a premium rolled canvas. Use a standard picture frame - or order a framing kit to get the authentic stretched canvas look!

How do you get the colors right?

Our designers match your colors to a special pallet we have in the warehouse! Please be aware - a photograph is often made up of thousands of colors - but we reduce this down to just 24, so colors can slightly differ from the photograph.

What if i run out of paint?

You wont! We make sure you have just the right amount to cover the full surface of the canvas. 

Will the paint stain my clothes?

While we do advise you're careful not to get the paint on your valuables - accidents do happen. Our paint formula is designed to be soluble when its wet. As long as you catch it before it dries, it should wash out no problem! 

Send in your questions to hello@colorandcalm.com and we'll add them to the list :)