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How Does It Work?

① Upload Your Photo!

Your fave family photos, pets, selfies, or a treasured holiday snap. Just tap "get started" to create your kit!

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Your kit contains everything you need to paint a masterpiece - even if you've never held a brush before!

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Get comfortable, relax and match the colors to the numbers. Bring the photos you love to life in paint.

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Why Color and Calm?

Reduce Anxiety

It's Art Therapy! Painting is proven to help reduce anxiety and stress, the natural way.

Paint Anything!

That Amazing Holiday, your First Photo Together, or just your dog being a VERY good boy.
You get to choose!

For All Ages

The perfect first date night, or a relaxing new hobby for the happily retired.
Paint by Numbers is what you make of it.

Real Paints, Real Canvas

We make our kits from the best quality materials. For Art that lasts a lifetime and the best painting experience.

And the Best Reason? The Results.

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